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Sustainable reworked fashion London fashion designer reworked vintage hand painted leather jacket sustainable leather 

Black Stripes was born out of influence and love for music, vibrant lifestyle, vintage fashion and everlasting fusion of black and white.
The journey begun in 2018 when founder of The Black Stripes, artist Ieva Li visited London. Becoming influenced, inspired and innovative by the city’s vast vibrant culture.
The first one of a kind reworked vintage jacket was created for The Rolling Stone concert in 2018. That jacket became a token of the brand!
In 2019 at a Fashion & Art Factory located in Soho, the brand developed its signature style and officially was named Black Stripes in 2021.

Our philosophy is simple - enjoy life and don't be afraid to show it!

Every piece was handcrafted, to serve as a statement piece. Works well in any environment, with any lifestyle and anything in your personal wardrobe!
Express yourself with no limits!

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