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  • Are the paint waterproof?
    Yes, they are. We use high quality, waterproof leather and fabric paints. The items are primed before painting and the paint is sealed to keep the colours on for long.
  • Can the items be worn in the rain?
    Yes, the colours are waterproof so the rain does not affect them.
  • Can I get my own customized design?
    You can send us any picture and a description of your idea to create your own design. We also can custimze your vintage leather/denim jackets and shirt, or accesories; shores, belts, purses etc.
  • What is a prise of customization?
    Prices for a custom item starts from £50.
  • Can I give my own clothes/shoes/accesories to be paint on?
    Yes, you can provide shoes/clothes/accessories that you already own. Get in touch and we will give you a quote for your design and the address to send the items to.
  • How can I place a custom order ?
    Please contact us or drop us an instagram message @blk_stripes
  • What is your return policy for one off pieces?
    Regretfully we can not accept returns of custom orders. Bespoke and customised items are non-returnable and non-refundable.
  • I need an item for a specific date, can you make it quicker?"
    If you need your item for a specific date email us at and let us know. We will try to prioritise your order or find an express delivery service (charged accordingly).
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